Friday, November 10, 2006

Jack's precious lips

Observant Woodies have noticed that Jack's mysterious healing force didn't seem to assist him when his lip was busted up in Cyberwoman. Does it only kick in when he is in mortal danger? is this a clue to something deeper? or just a flub/inconsistency in the show?

With the power his lips have, damaging them would seem to be just as harmful as getting a bullet hole through the head. Other sharp-eyed viewers have also noticed Jack prefers water to alcohol each time he has been out drinking with Gwen and the crew. Way back in The Doctor Dances, he ordered up a Martini as his last meal, so when and why did the Captain become a teetotaler?

Just a few pointless things to think about on this slow news day. Don't forget to catch John Barrowman on Friday night with Jonathan Ross tonight on BBC1 at 10:35 when none of these questions will be answered.
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