Thursday, November 09, 2006

They Keep Killing . . . (blank)

I suppose we're fighting a losing battle attempting to keep the happenings of this forthcoming episode secret as the BBC has now released the full title of episode 8. For those who don't mind seeing the spoiler title, and I imagine you won't be able to avoid running across it before December 3rd, it is here along with a summary for the episode.

Way back in Pertwee's days, they somehow managed to keep spoilers out of episode titles. Episode 1 of Invasion of the Dinosaurs was labeled simply "Invasion." Of course the Radio Times gave away the secret prior to the airing anyway, and the episode was consequently tossed in the trash by the BBC because of title confusion. Now only a black and white copy of episode one exists. So you can't win either way I suppose. (Or maybe you can. The claymation dinosaurs, no relation to Myfanwy it seems, looked quite a bit more realistic in black and white)
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