Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Eleventh Heaven

For months, we've speculated over when exactly in Doctor Who's third season the return of Captain Jack Harkness will take place. For a while it looked as though it'd be in Steven Moffat's own episode ten (2007's "cheap" episode) - but since filming of this conflicts with John Barrowman's panto appearences, this rumour has since been disproven.


Now, it appears, David Tennant has confirmed the date for Jack's returnt to the TARDIS. In a Radio One Christmas interview, David tells Jo Whiley that Jack returns in the season's eleventh episode (scripted by Russell T Davies). This will not be a Doctor Who / Torchwood crossover episode; although elements from the forthcoming Torchwood finale are thought to pave the way for Jack's return to 'Who. As to what these are, well... you'll just have to watch the two hour finale next Monday evening on BBC Three!

Tomorrow, all John Barrowman fans, sees John marry his long time partner Scott Gill in a Civil Partnership. The entire wishes John the best of luck in this most special of days - although we are sad to see that our invitations were lost in the Christmas post...

Seriously though, after all the hard work he's put into Doctor Who and Torchwood these past few years, nobody deserves to be happier than John Barrowman. We hope your big day is everything you want it to be, and more.

Before we go, let me just tell you what I picked up today, whilst sale shopping in Manchester City. For a wallet busting £17.99, I found my copy of the Torchwood Series One (Part One) DVD. I've seen all of the special features on offer, and will update about them in the coming days.

Don't get too excited. The deleted scenes aren't much cop...

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