Tuesday, January 09, 2007

(Box)Set For Life

It's a common known fact amongst bloggers everywhere that with each passing post my blog titles just get worse and worse (and trust me, I've used some real stinkers in the past) - only somehow, I feel that the current one is scrapping the bottom of the barrel!

Seriously though, huge apologies for the lack of any real news posts recently. Ever since the series went into hybernation on New Years Day there's been no real developments within the world of Torchwood - so for the time being, until proper news is released again, you'll just have to make do with silly old me blabbing on about...

Wait, there is something! According to a recent unitnews report 2Entertain (the DVD Distributing arm within the BBC) have announced plans to release a Torchwood DVD Boxset sometime within 2007. What's not known yet is what this boxset will comprise extras wise. There's been some long standing rumours that John Barrowman and the rest of his team are set to record commentaries for the release soon enough, and that the boxset will feature 5.1 Surround Sound.

It's also been suggested that the series (along with Burn Gorman's turn in Bleak House) could be amongst the BBC's first wave of HD-DVDs; but this, and the above rumours, have yet to be confirmed. All we know is that a boxset is on its way - so Woodies everywhere better start saving up their pocket money.

Also from unitnews we have the news that the first three Torchwood novels, released last week, are set to be turned into BBC Audio Books. John Barrowman will record linking narration for "Border Princes" and "Another Life"; whereas "Slow Decay" will be fronted by Gwen Cooper herself, Eve Myles! Exactly when these adventures take place are unclear, as in one adventure (SPOILER ALERT!) the team are joined by a new Torchwood member called James, and Gwen finishes with Rhys. Naughty naughty!

Meanwhile, "End of Days" director Ashley Way has returned to the scene of the crime... in a metaphorical sense anyway. His new S4C drama, "Calon Gaeth" has been filming in the same police station where Way filmed some of the Torchwood finale - the same police station where the Torchwood cast thought it funny to lock him in the cells for a couple of hours! The news was picked up bt ICWales and reported here.

Finally, nominations for the annual blog awards - "the bloggies" - are now well under way. If, oh I don't know, they decided to vote for their favourite Torchwood blog they'd have until Monday 22nd to do so. We at Torchwood.TV normally don't like to endorse favouratism, but (just this once) pretty please...

I've always wanted a virtual bloggie on my mantle-piece...!
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