Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kiwis bearing gifts

It's time to welcome New Zealand to the list of nations who have jumped on the Torchwood bandwagon! According to the drama will be heading to TVNZ along with a slew of other BBC titles this year. Let's hope many more countries will join NZ and sign on for season one with Jack and the crew.

Still no news on that subject from my home country, the USA. The only news from here is that my wife and I moved from the Seattle area to the Los Angeles area over the New Year. So thanks as always to jackharkness for keeping you up to date. We won't have the Internet installed in our little house until at least the weekend, so good thing this is a slow news time.

You do know that like today, if any news breaks I will of course rush to the nearest Starbucks and jump on the Wi-Fi. Working at the Institute is a 24-hour job.
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