Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Burst of Starlight

Hitting newsagents everywhere today is the latest Starburst Magazine "special edition" - this month packed full to the brim on all things Torchwood!

There's an extensive episode guide to the whole of the first season - which includes detailed reviews of every episode (the "Random Shoes" one is a real corker!). As well as that, there's an interview with Ed Thomas (the series designer) and also The Mill FX too (who, as we all know, supply the CGI effects every week).

If you're a Doctor Who fan too, there's some neat interviews with Graeme Harper, Wendy Padbury (1960's companion Zoe Harriot), Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Terry Molloy (Davros - evil creator of the Daleks) and the Fourth Doctor himself - and BT's voice messaging system - Tom Baker.

On top of all that there's a look behind the scenes on BBC 7's new series of "Eighth Doctor" adventures that, so far - in my opinion - haven't exactly set the world ablaze...

You can pick up Starburst Special #79 at most retailers now priced £5.99 - but hurry, because stocks are limited and the magazine usually sells like hot cakes!
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