Friday, January 12, 2007

Meeting and Greeting

John Barrowman's official site has confirmed that John Barrowman will be co-presenting E! Television's red-carpet coverage of the BAFTA Film Awards with Ruby Wax on Febraury 11th.

For anybody who doesn't know, the BAFTA are Britain's very own version of "Oscars" and this year features a nomination for Daniel Craig for "Best Actor" (Casino Royale). The full award ceremony should be screened on BBC or ITV Television - although John doesn't play a part in this.

The BAFTA Television Awards (where Doctor Who picked up a number of awards last year) traditionally airs over the summer months, so watch this space for any Torchwood nominations.

E! Entertainment can be viewed around the world - and in the UK is shown on digital television. Please check your local listings magazine for details of transmission closer to broadcast.

Oh, and is it just me, or does Ruby Wax (wife of Red Dwarf director Ed Bye incidentially) get everywhere?!?


Anonymous said...

Ruby Wax? Worse than grains of sand.........

Anonymous said...

Well I've done it. I've got the last two tickets for Jacks Panto next weekend. Right at the back (binoculars required), but who cares I'll be there cheering him on.

Just one problem - we live on the other side of that great river the Severn and if the weathers bad - its one hell of a journey across that bridge.

Still, I'm up for the challenge. Not sure the OH is though he hates the bridge at the best of times.

Digitalkatie said...

I have an album called Scouse The Mouse by Ringo Starr from when I was very little that features Ruby Wax before she was well known and annoying.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't she ALWAYS annoying?!?

Sulamite said...