Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Chance Saloon

Ladies and gentlemen, voting for the Awards 2007 will close in the next 24 hours (which means, if you're reading this after Wednesday and still want to vote, you're buggered!). You have until the end of today (31st January) to vote in the reader awards - click here for more.

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks collecting together the data (the first of which you'll see this coming Friday) and because I'm kind and all - *pauses as people burst into spontaneous laughter* - I thought I'd tease you all by revealling that:

+ We have two clear contenders in the "Best Episode" category. And one of them is a Chris Chibnall script...

+ The "Best Actor/Actress" award is a one horse race... but who the horse is, I'm not telling!

+ There's two real contenders for the "Best Guest Star" award - but neither of them appeared in the same episode...

+ Surprisingly, 48% of you have voted in the "Best Book" category - surprising because the books have only been out a month. Man, you guys must read fast!

+ The people I voted for in both the "Best Writer" and "Best Director" category are currently winning by a mile. I'll tell you what, whoever's voting has impecable taste!

We've had almost 100 votes now; a massive amount for such a small blog like this. I'd like to thank everybody who voted (and is going to vote) and remind you all that the results will be announced in three parts, beginning Friday 2nd February.

Join us then why don't you...?
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