Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Torchwood Archives #2

Each and every Sunday, Torchwood.TV delves into the history of the Torchwood Institute - revealling secrets you never knew before. Folks, "The Torchwood Archives" have been opened...

The following article was recently released from the Torchwood Archives due to the Freedom of Information Act 2004. Some details have been removed for the protection of the British public.

Yvonne Hartman's Journal - April 3rd, 2005

... We had a little intruder trouble earlier in the day; somebody snooting around the airwing hanger down in Bangor - nothing that Peter and his secruity team couldn't take care of. Back in the day she'd have been shot on sight, but new legislation forbids such aggressive action. It's all the Prime Minister's fault, for being so damn politically correct.

Arrested on sight, the prisioner was taken to the dungeon - on her Majesty's terms - where we expected she'd be held until trial. Only things didn't quite work out to plan. UNIT unexpectedly interfered in the case, and demanded that the woman be released asap. Apparently she's an associate of theirs; who's gone rouge in recent years. She's on a one woman mission to investigate the paranormal around Britain - and in the process, getting in Torchwood's way. And normally, we wouldn't allow that.

Only, for whatever reason, this woman is unique. We can't touch her. She's friends high up in the Lords chamber. I've seen her files - and she's had such a rich history. She investigated the dinosaur invasion back in the Seventies, and the Zygon threat too. Infact, she's seen so much I'm beginning to question her loyalties. I have my suspicions about the woman. Could she be one of them? One of his... 'companions'?

The thought sends my heart racing. I've been chasing after the Doctor my entire career, and she could very well be the stepping stone I need to make contact. I fear that day will have to wait. Well, until the UNIT baffoons back off of her a little. Then, I'll make my move and question the woman myself. Because nothing stands in my way of the Doctor. Nothing.

For future reference, the woman's name is Sarah Jane Smith.

I'll do my best not to forget it.

Further updates on Torchwood will follow every Sunday. Until then, good luck, and remember Torchwood's core values:

"If it's Alien, it's Ours"
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