Thursday, February 15, 2007

BBC Wales, Are You Listening...?

The time has come at last - it's the final segment of the Awards 2007. If you missed the first two installments, you can catch them here and here.

As I received around a hundred or so comments from all you Woodies across the globe, it'd be impossible for me to post them all here for you to read. Hence the reason why I've chosen my personal favourites (20 to be exact) with the remainder set to be added in the comments section below.

So, if you didn't vote and have something to say to BBC Wales and the Torchwood Production Team, feel free to leave your comments below. After all, some members of team Torchwood have been known to visit these pages every now and then...

Shall we begin...?

1: "Plan the next series out better ahead of time. Make sure you establish everything the audience needs to know. And stop getting ahead of yourselves. Again, before you start screwing with the format you need to develop it. Give us something solid to give a damn about. Bilis is a good start." - Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh

2: "For Gods sake do more with Ianto, you daft sods." - xx

3: "Don't listen to the naysayers, you were very brave to make something just for adults that is completely different to Doctor Who. And to keep a series so original when based around the same location each week while still managing to fit the stories into the huge Doctor Who mythology is a feat in itself." - Alex Bryan

4: "Watch the continuity, as we have no life and life to chat about tiny mess-ups. Brilliant job all around. Love the Captain Jack Harkness episode and want to learn more about the Jack/Ianto relationship that Owen referred to, but we haven't seen any of until that kiss. And how exactly did the team form early on? Can we please see an episode on that? love, peace and blessings to you all and congrats to Mr. Barrowman on his civil ceremony. " - Keikokin

5: "The gratuitous swearing again. Cut it out. Listen to some real people.Having said that, when Rhys and other incidental characters wereswearing it was believable. Take that as the yardstick and work with it! And another thing - we all accept that there are people out in the realworld who have varied sexual preferences, but please stop slapping us inthe face with it by contriving to pepper the stories with same sexkisses/relations. Please! When talking to other 'non Who/Torchwood fans'about the show, they just say "what was that kiss/throwaway-commentabout?" rather than commenting on the story. It detracts (mostly) ratherthan adds texture, IMHO." - Simon R. Mills

6: "*waves* Hello production Team. You have a very nice Product. Keep up the good work and make sure you have an ample supply of Lemonade. TORCHWOOD IS MY FAVOURITE SHOW. I like it even more than pie…which my friends will tell you, is a lot. I heard your all like best friends down there. That's always good, 'cos when your bored, your best bud's there and so your like, 'I'm bored' and then you can like go have fun, like go go-carting. But don't do it when it's raining and on off-road, 'cos you get really muddy.

I love the acting. I love acting myself. Have you heard of a play called "Talking to Terrorist," welli've got a few characters in it. Very political. Very Brecht. Torchwood isn't very Brecht, it's not very Stanislavski though either, but the emotions there But it's kinda, hey I have this idea in my head, I'm going to write it. It rocks.

Oh yeah, no killing anyone off, 'cos we like all the characters to much. (I.e. don't do a Stargate Atlantis ) I'll come down to Cardiff and cause suffering, such as restricting chocolate supplies and other things...

Please can you call the pterodactyl Bob!!!!! And make sure he's in season 2, or you upset me. Bob rocks! Bob is the best name for the Pterodactyl. It is also a good name for Daleks.

Everything about the show rocks. It's so different. I can't wait for each episode and will probably watch the episodes over and over and over….again. Until I know every word. Well maybe not that many times. Depends on how bad the Torchwood withdrawal symptoms I have. Oh can you get a magazine going. And anything else you can think of. 'Cos you know we'll buy everything Torchwood related. And I'd love to know.

Woodie for life!" - Sara Houston

7: "Torchwood is the best.. I hope it ends up like Doctor who With many fans twitching for the next series and that it has many series in which we can gouge our thoughts and pycological ways into!! PLEASE KEEP THE SPIRIT OF TORCHWOOD GOING!!!!" - Kacey Apperley

8: "I LOVE Torchwood. It's the best thing I've seen on TV in a very long time. I'mvery approving of the deconstruction of the heteronormative (or evenhomonormative) values so often seen on television. The fact that all thecharacters are bisexual is brilliant. I like that the stories don't all havehappy endings. I'm so proud to be a citizen of Cardiff with it being one of themajor characters in Torchwood. It's such a great place! I tend to feel quitepossessive of TW because it's 'my' city but I'm glad that so many other peoplesee how great it is! I'm excited about series 2 already!! Final thought - allthe actors are very pleasing to the eyes. Lovely!" - Jennifer Thornton

9: "In only one series, Torchwood has topped my list of favorite shows. I've been a lifelong fan of Doctor Who and have watched every episode still in existence without ever developing a favorite Doctor or favorite companion... until Captain Jack Harkness. I was sad to see him left behind on the first series but was greatly cheered by his return in his own show and his upcoming reappearance in Doctor Who. I hope that Jack's past and identity are not revealed too quickly, if at all. That, and his strong, multi-dimensional personality informed by John Barrowman's performance, are guaranteed to draw me back." - Janet Reimer

10: "I want any of the episodes to win other than Captain Jack Hawknes. Because of the gay kiss, which I didn' t get any sleep at all over and had a break down in bed on the night it was on." - Ted Pleavin

11: "I really enjoy Torchwood, but more emphasis on plot and continuity is needed. Also, making the show adult is one thing, but there's a limit on how much swearing & nudity can actually be considered essential to the plot... " - Rosalind Atalanta

12: "Ok! Torchwood is great! I usually don't watch TV, but now I do! I think it is absolutly great and the characters are all cast really really well. The episode's are all totally unpredictable, because you aren't always sure there'll be a happy ending. Captain Jack's all mysterious, but I like him so much better in Torchwood than in Doctor Who! Torchwood is just the best! It's got me all interested in stuff that I never even knew was interesting, like Sci-Fi and stuff! I think Torchwood just rocks! Plus, me and my friends have become totally obsessed with it! It even invades our dreams! But yeah, enough said. I LOVE TORCHWOOD!" - Bex Fox

13: "Well done guys - you've triumphed! Here's to many more wonderful series to come!" - Catherine Davies

14: "We've seen more 'team member goes rogue' stories than we have of Torchwood as a TEAM -- more ensemble work, please!" - Scott Dagostino

15: "...And likewise, what's been the single worst thing? Again, ANYTHING!The Owen/Gwen relationship should have been chucked out as far as I'mconcerned. Just not interesting or believable, came off as veryimmature. I suppose in general I was just very dissapointed in thefrequent unproffesionalism happening at the Hub. I just wanted asmoother running machine. But of course that all tied in with theseries arc of "everybody having their own secrets/priorities" nextseries they should be working better together." - Aaron, aka "Kurly"

16: "Stretches the belief though to have a band of 5 to defend the UK - would have preferred to have seen TW as a group within a group bit like Stargate SG1. Give the impression that there are lots of people dealing with the rift. There seems to be no interaction with the other TW sites.
Concentrate on content rather than effects." - John Fitzgerald, aka "Old John"

17: "Please decide what you want the show to be and then make sure everyone involved on the production knows what it is. Continuity is your friend." - Erica Miszti

18: "Please consider to spend some money on a good script editor. The monster inthe last episode for example was just useless, and finished off in a fewminutes after its appearance. The 'something is coming' theme was just notenough to justify this huge thingy, or the other way around: this monsterdid not do the plot much justice. Billis was a much better 'monster'. Alsodo a bit more research. A shotwound for example as in countrycide would havebeen pretty leathal." - Hexa

19: "Torchwood is the funniest, sexiest and smartest Sci-Fi show in a long time! Keep it up!" - joseppy stevenson

20: ""Greetings. A massively HUGE thank you for puttingtogether such a fantastic series. Not only have you given me so manySundays of pure pleasure, you have also caused the formation of this site,and so meant that I have also enjoyed many late nights chatting to completestangers about a common love. Sounds sad, I know, but in my hermity littlelife, tis a wonderful thing. :-). Keep it up!" - Emma Nelder

And that's it from me - the 2007 Awards are offically over. It's been my pleasure to reside over proceedings, and all that's left for me to say now is:

Enjoy season two - and don't forget to vote once more come 2008!
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