Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coping With Withdrawal #3

This week, us Woodies were dealt a real blow; as Torchwood may not air until January 2008 at the very earliest. That's another three months of waiting for us all to endure! But, never fear, because has the ideal way to whittle about your withdrawal blues!

In this edition, I'm looking at Doctor Who season one, and examining its links to Torchwood. Only with a slight twist; because I watched all of the episodes in one mammoth sitting, with no way to escape. Here goes everything:

"The Unquiet Dead"
We're told that the TARDIS has landed on the streets of Cardiff; but it's a completely different city to the one we're use to seeing in "Torchwood". You see, it's 1869 - mid-way through the Victorian era, and doesn't Billie Piper look stunning in that dress?

Elsewhere, we're introduced to a maid called Gwynth - played with remarkable ease by somebody called "Eve Myles". Wonder whatever happened to her?

"Aliens of London"
Ah, there's Tosh! But this doesn't make sense; because in Torchwood we're told that she's a computer tech - not a autopsy Doctor as suggested here. Was there some strange (unseen) subplot running through "ALiens of London" where Tosh has accidentially swapped bodies with Owen???

And she doesn't do a lot does she? Five minutes of screen time and she's gone. Just like her appearences on Torchwood then, I suppose.

"The Empty Child"
Captain Jack! *dances* I remember watching this episode in 2005 and thinking that the series had just got 100% better. The previous eight episodes were good, but the second Jack appeared on screen, the series became great. The character is just so fun, and mysterious - and it's refreshing to have a bi-sexual character on screen, where his sexuality isn't his main motivation.

And that boy with the gas mask is just plain terrifying, isn't he. Seriously, in all my years of being a Who fan, this is the only episode to have ever scared me. And that's a mark of great drama.

"The Doctor Dances"
It's the second half; and Jack's coming into conflict with the Doctor for the first time. Barrowman and Eccleston work magnificently together - and I'm cheering at the end when Jack's offered a place aboard the TARDIS.

And that dance at the end, what can I say?

Cardiff looks beautiful, doesn't it? I mean, really beautiful - in a very 21st Century way. Despite the lack of Jack in the episode, it's great to see such high concept ideas such as the time rift ideas used for the first time. It's almost like an unseen pilot episode of Torchwood.

There's a theory online that you can if somebody is a true Woodie by their enjoyment of this episode. In that case, I must be the biggest Woodie ever, as I adore this little episode.

"Bad Wolf"
The first mention of "Torchwood"! And how many fangirl's melted at the sight of John Barrowman in leather bottoms? Such a shame the infamous "bum" scene was cut - otherwise you girls would have been set for life.

And Daleks? Would have been a surprise if the "Next Time" trailer at the end of "Boomtown" hadn't given the twist away...

"The Parting of the Ways"
Goodby Doctor number 9! Goodbye Emperior Dalek! Goodbye Captain Jack! It's such a shame when the character is left behind. Back in 2005, my pain was real - because nobody knew when or if Jack would ever return. This really could have been the end of the chaacter.

If it had been, what a way to go. He's officially the first person to survive being exterminated by the Daleks (the Master doesn't count). Man, can Jack do no wrong?!?

It's strange re-watching these first episodes, because Jack has changed so much in Torchwood's primary year. He's taken on a life of his own, and has become a "lead character" - and in the process, lost a little of his charm.

Next time I'm taking part in a marathon of all of Torchwood's first 13 episodes. If you want to hear my thoughts and opinions, remember to check back here real soon...
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