Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who are you wearing tonight?

John Barrowman will be asking that and many other probing questions to the film stars attending the British Academy film Awards this Sunday night. He will be on the red carpet teamed with Ruby Wax in the E! channel pre-Bafta telecast. Jonathan Ross will be hosting the awards show at London's Royal Opera House.

JB is also getting quite a bit of ink this week in various publications available at your local newsagent. There is an online interview with him in Living It. He is in issue 558 of OK! magazine, yesterday's issues of Reveal and Time Out magazines have blurbs about him, as does today's London Lite. Finally this Saturday the Weekend Mail will also feature an article about the busy Captain. Thanks go out to Barrowman's official site for the roundup.

And of course we are still waiting for reports about his work on the set of Doctor Who. There must be some anonymous insiders out there who can slip a small detail or two, or three. Pleeeeease! If not, you'll really leave me no choice but to post my fanfiction love story here which I have titled "Myfanwy & Eugene."
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