Monday, February 19, 2007

I only buy it for the articles

You'd think they were showing pictures of Barrowman in the buff in Doctor Who Magazine if you read the Sun's article and subsequent rehashes elsewhere about a few spicy comments JB made. Well no doubt anybody who rushes out to buy the magazine, which came out almost a month ago now, will be dissapointed to read it is merely a few people telling mild jokes and talking to each other like adults.

I report this non-news only because of the complaints you do hear from fans about Captain Jack crossing over from Torchwood to WHO and the potential for more adult themes in the parent show. There is a reasonable debate we can have about that. As for the article in The Sun, it looks like they are referring to a solitary letter to DWM from Robert Mitchell of Brighton and dreamed up this "storm."

Barrowman always has fun in interviews. He is open and honest which is a real rarity with celebrities. We don't need any more interviews with stars promoting a new film and spouting out canned answers. To John if your reading, don't ever stop saying what's on your mind and, "Keep it up Big Guy!"
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