Tuesday, February 06, 2007

John, Do The Honours

Apologies if this post of mine is a little late, but I've been a little wrapped up in all sorts of things recently; "The Torchwood Archives", the Reader Awards, and now production on my short film - entitled simply "Self". But more on that another time, 'cos we've got news to report, dammit! Lets get down to business shall we?


Last Thursday's edition of "The Daily Star" (nope, I don't read it - thanks to my mother for pointing this one out to me!) contains a neat little story about a certian John Barrowman in "The Goss" section of the paper. Apparently:

"Seems we're not the only lasses ready to carry kids for Torchwood hunk John Barrowman. The gay star, 39 and his partner Scott Gill, 42 are desperate for a child and dozens of women have begged John to duff 'em up. But he said: 'A family freiend has offered. We would also like to adopt an older child too.' Are we too old to be adopted, John?"

Imagine having John Barrowman as a dad? Whichever kid he eventually picks will be one of the luckiest children on the planet! We wish John and Scott the best of luck in whatever adoption plans they may have for the future.

Elsewhere, OutpostGallifrey reports that Cardiff Councillor, Richard Foley, wants to name the extension to St. David's shopping centre after the Torchwood team. However, he faces some tough opposition from other Council members, who want to name the new centre simply "St. David's 2". What a bunch of party poopers! You can read more of the story, via the Daily Echo newspaper, here.

The second series of "Life on Mars", which begins transmitting a week today, has been revealed to a script by Chris Chibnall. The writer, who came second place in our very own polls last week, wrote four episodes for Torchwood - including the apocalyptic finale "End of Days". Last year he also contributed an episode to Life on Mars' first season, and is set to script an episode of Doctor Who later in the year; simply called "42".

Finally, the new ITV series, "Primeval", seems to feature a similar premise to that of Torchwood. Both series feature time rifts, in the centre of major British cities. Whether from there they'll be any other similarities is anybody's guess. "Primeval" is set to hit family audiences everywhere this coming Saturday; and you can read a short preview of the series on my Film-21 site here.
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