Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Love Don't Roam"

As most Woodies will already probably know, John Barrowman was on Radio Two this afternoon, presenting Elaine Paige's show; whilst the woman is away on a well deserved holiday. John proved an apt host (even if he did fluff his lines at times!) and revealed some, quite frankly, disturbing news... (You can listen to the show online here until his next broadcast on Sunday)

It seems the current plan from BBC Wales is to broadcast Torchwood season two not in October 2007 like first expected, but - as John himself states - "early next year" sometime. Which seems to indicate that the new season won't be airing until 2008 at the earliest. Hear that sound? It's the sound of Torchwood fandom going into complete meltdown.

Right. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. And... ah!

The show was great fun though, as John played his favourite broadway musical numbers, including songs from "My Fair Lady" and John's very own "Sunset Boulevard". Afterwards, the star held numerous Broadway / West End themed quizzes, before moving his attention to tonight's BAFTA Awards.

To celebrate the occassion, John played songs from a number of film's nominated for awards; including Howard Shore's music for "The Departed" and Danielle Lunar's work on "Babel". Oh, and if you're a fan of 'loud music' Chris Cornell's (under-rated) theme from "Casino Royale" was also played.

What's funny is how hard John finds it to pronouce certain town names from across the United Kingdom. For instance, he said Rhyll completly wrong (it's "Rill" not "Rile"!) and lets not even mention "Derby"... Of course, this is John Barrowman we're talking about, so all is forgiven!

For anybody interested, John Barrowman acts as a judge of another Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical talent show, "Joseph: Any Dream Will Do", later in the spring. It's thought he'll record the series concurrent with his work on Torchwood's second series.

The star has now started work on Doctor Who's third season. He describes the series as full of "so many surprises you won't expect" and hints at a fan pleasing finale. Which makes the countdown to Captain Jack's return all the more hard to bare with!

So, all in all, John's a busy man (as you read this, he's very probably on the Red Carpet for E! television) and although the news about Torchwood season two is a little hard to swallow, be comforted by the thought that John himself isn't going anywhere fast. He's still incredibly busy; and will be appearing on your television sets on a near weekly basis soon enough.

Besides, Torchwood might not be back until 2008, but at least it is coming back. We're lucky because so many shows today don't reach second series status. Torchwood's special, and 100% worth the wait - and that's exactly what we must do now; wait.

We're fans, and that's what we do.

A little update, as to why a delay might not be that disasterous after all can be found here or in the comments section below.
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