Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Torchwood Archives #6

Delving into the rich history of the Torchwood Institute; exposing truths and revealing secrets that you never knew before. "The Torchwood Archives" have been opened...

Below is an extract from one Captain Jack Harkness' diary; accidentially left behind in London's Hilton Hotel, after spending the night with a traffic warden who had the cheek to give him a parking ticket hours before. The book was returned by the hotel manager to UNIT officials.

Some details have been removed for the protection of the British public.

"The damn British - with all their bank holidays, and Sunday afternoons. Days which serve no purpose whatsoever; especially when Torchwood is forced to close for the day. In what way does it benefit the British public to close up shop on a bank holiday? I mean, it's not like potential alien invaders have the day off as well. Oh no, not at all; because aliens don't understand the tradition of bank holidays. And I'm starting to think that I don't either.

Anyway, I've been told (by Gwen no less!) to enjoy my time off; to revel in the peace and quiet, and catch up on some things I enjoy. A hard task, considering that my life recently has revolved around just one thing; Torchwood. What do I possibly do when I'm not around that environment?

The old me would be out there now; in the nightclubs of Cardiff (which contary to belief, does have a solid night life!) or where ever there's a decent vibe; and some good looking men and women! But, and I hate to say it, I've changed. That sort of thing is still fantastic, but I dunno... since I met him, nothing's ever been the same. He allowed me to see that life is more than just 'dancing' - but that doesn't mean I don't love the occassional waltz!

It's been a few days since I thought of him last; because today, I returned to the scene of a past adventure I had with him. I spent my bank holiday visiting Das, a Neanderthal I myself helped almost two (Earth) years ago. He's successfully intergrated himself into the culture of 21st Century Earth, and now has three children with his human wife; an ugly as sin woman called Anne Marie.

It's a fitting tribute that he's named them all "Jack", "Rose", and "the Doctor" - although I'm sure that last child is going to get bullied at school!

When I asked Das about the Doctor, he admited that his memory of the man was hazy at best. He couldn't remember many details about the Time Lord. I try to probe deeper, but get no further than Das remembering he wore "animal skin leather". Why can't Das remember? Has the Doctor manipulated the Neanderthal's memory?

It's strange, because Tosh has met the Doctor too; on a number of occassions, including the Slitheen's first invasion - and the same is true for her. She can hardly remember the Doctor, or anything about him; to the point that, at times, she questions his existence and is sure that Torchwood made him up just so it could have a decent "mission statement". She's wrong of course, because I knew the man - I traveled with him. Didn't I?

Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticd my own memory of the Doctor (hell, even Rose Tyler) is beginning to feel a little merky. When I try to picture the Doctor in my mind, his face is a little more blurred than it was before; like he no longer exists, or has been taken out of time completely. Has something happened to him, or the TARDIS?

I've never considered this before, but what if he never survived the Dalek invasion of Satellite Five? What if he died battling the Dalek creatures? Sure, I saw the TARDIS leave that place without me; but can I be sure that it left with him alive inside? My mind is awash with paranoia; reasons why my memory might be fading.

The only thing I can be sure of is that I have his hand; safe in my office. Nobody else in Torchwood realises its significence - not even Tosh. Because they can't. The Doctor was mine, and now he's gone. He's been taken from me.

Is it too much to want him back?

Because I want some answers.

Jack Harkness"

Further updates on Torchwood will follow shortly.

Until then, good luck, and remember Torchwood's core values:

"If it's Alien, it's Ours"
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