Thursday, March 29, 2007

Digital Switch Over

John Barrowman appeared on this evening's edition of "The Richard and Judy" show, and talked about his new project "Any Dream Will Do" (this Saturday at 7:45pm) as well as his upcoming return to the world of Doctor Who.


SPOILER-PHOBES BEWARE! Apparently Jack recognises David Tennant as the Doctor, cos he's a clever chap. He puts two and two together following his Torchwood abduction and works out that the Doctor's to blame for his return to the TARDIS. Expect Jack's returning episode, "Utopia", to air sometime in June. There's a preview of this episode's available via digital telly's "red button" feature. It can be viewed online here.

Later on during the interview John discussed Torchwood, and a clip from "They Keep Killing Suzie" was shown. John revealed that filming begins in "late April" and will continue through to November. A broadcast in early 2008 is looking more and more likely.

John also spilled the beans on Torchwood's move to BBC Two. Apparently the series will air on the terrestrial channel, but the next episode will follow straight afterwards on BBC Three for digital Woodies to enjoy. But as John carefully said, the schedule is still 10 or so months away and nothing has been made definite as of yet.

More news on Torchwood season two filming details when we get them.
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