Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fools For Love can exclusively reveal some truly wonderful news; something that BBC Wales has been trying to hide for the past twelve months in fear of negative fan reaction. But you know us, never one for fearing the big boys in Cardiff. So here goes nothing...

Eve Myles and Burn Gorman are romancing, and have been doing so for some time. A source tells us that "plot details were changed during the first series to accomodate the pair's budding romance. That's why the pair shacked up on screen - blame the love birds!" It's my understanding that the actors demanded more and more time together on screen, in an attempt to be together on set as much as possible.

But there has been problems from other members of the cast and crew, I'm told. "Gareth (David-Lloyd) is furious that he didn't get there first! He's had such a keen interest in Burn for a while now..." my source cofirms. Apparently the Torchwood team are learning to deal with the romance though; John Barrowman has even promised Burn not to mooney around Eve now, to avoid any "jealously issues".

And to make the news even better, wedding bells could be on the horizon too. I'm told that the pair have spent their break away from Torchwood ring-shopping around London and Cardiff, and have made (not so) secret plans to marry inside Upper Boat's Torchwood Hub set "cos that's where they met and fell in love" Aww, sweet.

With a relationship this apparently strong, it's strange that we haven't heard anything about it before now. Or maybe not, if BBC Brand Management have anything to do with it. My source seems to think that "BBC Brand know how damaging an inter-actor relationship can be. Look at Dick and Dom; once their love bubble burst the show was literally over" But hopes to ensure that such a backlash won't occur with this announcement.

Everyone at the site wants to wish Eve and Burn the best of luck in the future. It's been a long time coming, but at last the truth is known. On the count of three, hip-hip-hoorays for everybody then!

And I suddenly feel like Cilla Black on "Blind Date"...
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