Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Torchwood's Comic Calling

Before you all leap on me and scream out "that's not real news!" let me just say one thing. You're right. This isn't the most heavyweight of news items, but when there's little else to report upon, this is what I'm reduced to writing! So come on BBC - give us some proper news (anything) to break here on the site...

"The Calling" by Jon Wesley Huff

Anyways, as you can see from the above image one kind reader over at Outpost Gallifrey's forums has created his very own Torchwood comic. I say "kind" because he's only gone and uploaded the whole of the first "issue" online for Woodies to enjoy (so click here quick for a taste of 2D Torchwood action).

"The Calling" has been created by Jon Wesley Huff, and takes place before the Torchwood pilot episode "Everything Changes" - ie. a time before Suzie went trigger happy with the Resurection glove, and good old Gwen was still working for the Cardiff branch of the British bill.

At the present, only the first installment is online, but Jon's busy working away on more. Watch this space for any more news concerning the rather cool fan project.
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