Monday, April 02, 2007

Countdown To Utopia

Doctor Who's back, don't you know, with Saturday's opening episode "Smith and Jones" drawing in an impressive 8.2 million viewers (an improvement on last year's opener) If you've stumbled across this site for the very first time, having entered "Freema" and "Agyeman" into google, then welcome to - a blog dedicated to all things Torchwood related!


Now we'vegot the introductions out of the way, down to business hey? The return of "Doctor Who" to our television screens means one thing to us Woodies; the countdown to episode eleven, "Utopia", has started - an episode which promises to feature the return of Captain Jack Harkness and resolve the cliffhanger ending (see "End of Days") of Torchwood's first series.

Though nobody's quite sure how Jack returns to the TARDIS we've scrabbled together all we know about "Utopia" in a handy episode guide, where you readers can speculate away on what you think we've got coming to our screens over the next couple of months. Oh, and there's also episode guides for "The Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" as well as a sneaky peak on what we know about Torchwood season two, too!

Filming on Torchwood's new season begins at the end of this very month, and like last year we hope to be on the front line of Torchwood news. Readers new and old, join us won't you? We're promised an unforgetable rollercoaster ride this time around...

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