Thursday, April 26, 2007

Myfanwy in March, Jack in July

A sharp-eyed member of the Torchwood forums found this listing for a 2008 Torchwood wall calendar at Waterstones. It's due for publication in August, but always a good idea to get your year planned out as early as possible. We can spend the next four months predicting what pictures will go with what months.

Of course Torchwood.TV has had our own calendar on the page for about a month now because you demanded it, so I shouldn't need to remind you about the big Woodie weekend that we have in store. JB will be loose as always on ITVs Loose Women tomorrow afternoon. Then those in the London area will be able to see just how loose he can get in person Saturday at the Oxford Circus Borders.

Personally, I boycott Borders here in the US because they refused to carry Free Inquiry Magazine last April when they reprinted some of the Danish muhammad cartoons. But as far as I know you can buy the Torchwood audiobooks at another bookshop, one that supports freedom of speech, and bring them with you to the signing. Or just skip that signing entirely and meet up with Murray Melvin at the WHO shop in East Ham at his signing which is also happening Saturday afternoon.
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