Monday, April 23, 2007

The Number 500

We've got a reason to celebrate here at as, after 18 months, we've reached our 500th blog post - which is quite an achievement for a site that functioned for almost twelve months before the show it's based around had even aired! So congrats to Kurly for setting the whole ball rolling, and here's to the 1,000th!

There's very little Torchwood news to report at the moment, as the series gears up for filming next Monday. I'm told that the Torchwood second unit team have already been around Cardiff filming pick-up shots for the series (i.e. those CSI inspired ariel shots) and that John, Eve, Burn, Naoko, Gareth and Kai are back in town for rehearsals and script read throughs.

We're also informed that a Torchwood season one boxset is in the works, and should be hitting shops before the Christmas rush. No special features have been announced, but the boxset is almost certainly going to contain the Torchwood Declassified episodes on a bonus disk, and all of the special features already released on the single edition disks.

Another batch of Torchwood books should be upon us before 2007 is out too. This will highly likely be a series of three novels once more - but we've no news on who is writing the books (although I personally wouldn't rule out Justin Richards himself...) More news on the books and DVDs when we get it.

Anyway, that's it for today. We've exhausted all of the available news stories; another reason why we can't wait for filming to start - so we've actually got something decent to talk about again. The next seven days are going to be agony, aren't they?

But one must always look on the brightside, I suppose. Besides, 500 is a great number and I'm honoured to be writing for this site. Long may it serve the Torchwood cause well!
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