Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take it in the Board Room

In what's becoming a monthly tradition here at, I can announce that the latest issue of DWM (that's Doctor Who Magazine to those not in the know) is now on sale - and features an extensive interview with Torchwood's lead writer, Chris Chibnall, ahead of his Doctor Who episode "42" being transmitted next month.

Chibnall talks about how he was hired for the Torchwood gig in the first place - "[Me and Julie Gardner] met up in August 2005, and she told me she was working on this post-watershed spin-off of Doctor Who, with Captain Jack. Did I want to do it? Yeah!" Chibnall offered his services for a one-off script, and said that if they needed his services again to give him a call. Which is just what they did - resulting in his four series one episodes!

Later the writer talks about the rapid turn-around needed to get Torchwood on the air by October 2006 (its promised launch) "The first year on Torchwood was phenomenal - Russell delivered his first script in January, and we were on air in October with a run of 13 episodes. It's the fastest turnaround I've ever known. I wrote my second Life on Mars before I started on Torchwood, and that was broadcast in February this years, months after Torchwood!"

But what can we expect of Torchwood series two, which Chibnall is writing a number of scripts for? "It's the same show... obviously there are some things we can do better, some things we've learnt - but that's what happens between a first and second series. And we also know what the show is this year."

Across the remainder of the interview Chibnall discusses his "Life on Mars" scripts, how he got into writing professionally, and his now infamous appearence on BBC TV's "Open Air" programme way back in 1986; when he was slagging off the then-current Doctor Who adventure "The Trial of a Time Lord". It's an amusing read, and proves without a doubt that the man is a proffessional; and doesn't deserve the negative reputation certain parts of fandom put upon him.

Elsewhere there's some important Torchwood news; series two begins filming (as expected) on Monday April 30th, with the first block directed by Andy Goddard - who helmed last year's "Countrycide" and "Combat" episodes. The first episode is confirmed as being written by Russell T Davies, but won't be the first episode to be filmed (indicating it's not part of 'block one' of filming) A source has reported to that episode one is titled "Fresh Start" - although this is not confirmed.

According to DWM "Additions and changes are being made to the Hub set, by Edward Thomas and his team, including a brand new Board Room." Interesting - seems those earthquakes in "End of Days" did more damage than we first thought.

You can pick up the later-than-planned DWM issue 381 at WHSmiths, Forbidden Planets and other good news agents for a very reasonable £3.99 - that's the best four quid I've spent all month!
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