Friday, April 20, 2007

Writing Torchwood

The place is deserted, but - thanks to IANTO - it's also immaculately clean. The camera pans across the empty Hub set, and after a beat there's movement again. It's the main doors opening, as TOSHIKO enters - carrying her ever trusty laptop, inside a brown cover case. Surprised to see nobody else around, she moves over to her desk and sits down. After a few seconds holding it in, she breaks down into a flood of tears.

Nobody's saying Torchwood is a perfect series. Like "Doctor Who" and "Star Trek" and so many other shows out there, it's got it flaws. There's moments in "Torchwood" that just don't work, for whatever reason. It's as though the writing team didn't quite know what direction to take the show in next. As a writer myself, I can understand then why these flaws exist - and I'd do anything to have the chance to iron them out.

You heard me right, I'd love to write for Torchwood (but so would thousands of other fans). However, I don't just want to write it because I'm a fan. Because I've been so actively following its development, I feel can recognise its flaws, and given half a chance I could probably write a script with these in mind - and work deathly hard to avoid making the same mistakes myself.

Of course, I'd never get asked to write "Torchwood" because the only script writing I've done in the past is for unimportant short films, that hardly anybody's ever going to see. I've never written for television before (much to my regret) and don't stand a chance in hell of being invited to write for a high profile show like Torchwood unless I get a little more industry experience.

It's a shame, because there's thousands of wannabe script writers out there, plotting the perfect Torchwood episodes in their heads - but they'll never get the chance to write for the show either. Instead, they'll type out neat little Torchwood fan fics stories, and are content with letting a thousand or so people read their work - which is absolutely fantastic; because each and every one of those writers is expressing his or her love for the series, and writing for that particular universe.

So, what's the message I'd send out to potential writers? Don't give up, ever. Even if your stories are only read and enjoyed by a thousand people, you've still done your job properly. I might never get to write Torchwood itself, but keeping this blog every day is just as forfilling, because just under 1000 people are reading my work, and that's amazing. I might not be a part of BBC Wales, but I'm still influencing the world of Torchwood.

If you've got an imagination, why not invest it in writing for Torchwood?
Because storytelling is the best gift you can ever offer anybody.
As the tears roll down TOSHIKO's cheek, the woman attempts to wipe them away. It's silly really because TOSHIKO doesn't even know what she's crying about. She's not sad; not at all. Infact, in all her life she's never been happier than she is right now. Because inside this silly little Torchwood base, she feels something she's never felt before; at long, long last she feels at home.
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