Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raynor and Tregenna (Girl Power!)

Though I haven't been able to track down any shops selling early copies of this month's Doctor Who Magazine, I have uncovered some little nuggets of information which subscibers (who, annoyingly, already have their issues - pah!) have revealed in online forums. I'll update this post whenever I get round to reading the magazine myself.

Block One of Torchwood season two is now recording, with Andy Goddard at the helm. His episodes are written by Torchwood's two female writers, Helen Raynor and Cath Tregenna (who you guys voted "best writer" in this year's TW.tv polls). It's thought that Raynor is down for the fourth episode, with Tregenna on board for the tenth installment.

Elsewhere, Russell T Davies is said to reveal in his monthly "Production Notes" column that the Torchwood Hub will house a brand spanking new corridor next. Maybe this is the new Hub 'room' that us Woodies were promised in April?! Surely they could have come up with something better than a poxy corridor! *sarcasm alert*

I'll update some more tomorrow when I actually have the magazine in my hands to comment upon.
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