Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Year 100 Trillion

So, there you go. After years of anticipation he's finally returned to Doctor Who; dressed with style and sophisication. In some ways he's exactly the same as we remember him, but in others he's a brand spanking new man. But enough about the Master - we're here to read about Captain Jack!

According to over night figures, "Utopia" was watched by an average of 7.3 million, with an audience share of 36.9%. This was enough to ensure that Doctor Who was the second most watched show of the night behind ITV's "Britain's Got Talent which achieved an impressive 8.9 million. In the fifteen minutes the two shows went head to head, Doctor Who came out champion with an average of 7.7 million over ITV's 6.3 million.

Anybody who caught the Doctor Who Confidential episode afterwards would have heard John Barrowman talk about his role as Captain Jack - who he is, and what's changed for him since leaving Doctor Who stranded in the year 200,100. Like the main show itself there were no direct references to Torchwood the series; but keep watching, because over the next couple of episodes the Doctor's going to find out a lot more about what Jack's been up to - and he ain't a happy bunny!

If you head on over to the official BBCi Doctor Who site right now there's some "Utopia" updates. Of particular importance are the expanded photo gallery, which features some neat Captain Jack piccies, and an audio commentary on "Utopia" featuring producer Phil Collinson, costume designer Louise Page and Arwel Wyn-Jones. Head on over here for the full scoop.

Next week sees "The Sound of Drums" hit our screens, and hopefully it should answer a few of our questions. Just how do the TARDIS trio get back down to contemporary Earth? What are The Master's grand plans? And just how many people can Captain Jack flirt with in the space of 45 minutes? Epic stuff. And you can catch it at 7:10pm next Saturday night on BBC One.

And don't forget that "Utopia" is repeated on BBC Three tonight at 8pm.
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