Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Scottish Invasion!

Last year BBC One's children magazine show, Blue Peter, launched a competition for one lucky viewer to guest star in an upcoming Doctor Who episode. It was won by nine year old John Bell who guest stars alongside fellow scot John Barrowman in the approaching "Utopia" episode. Bell speaks to Doctor Who Adventures magazine about his appearence:

"John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack, kept thinking it was his name being called by the director when they were calling for me! So he nicknamed me Little John. David Tennant and I are both Scottish and John Barrowman was born in Scotland, so it was a bit of a Scottish invasion! John kept slipping into a Scottish accent and would ask if I'd like a 'Wee cup of tea?'"

DWA issue 31 is released across the UK today. It features previews of "Blink" and "Utopia", as well as a look behind the scenes on Paul Cornell's "Human Nature" adaptation. You can pick it up for a very reasonable £1.99. Hardly a dent in your pocket money, is it?
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