Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All the Hidden details

Details about a new Torchwood audiobook were released today by Hidden will be written by Steven Savile for BBC Audiobooks and will probably find it's way into the shops in the beginning of the new year along with two other titles.

Savile's agent John Jarrold said, "The storyline is under wraps, however, I've read the synopsis, and it's terrific! As one of those who remembers watching the first episode of Doctor Who in November 1963 and still watches both the original and Torchwood, I can't wait to hear it!" Steven Savile was an editor and contributor to the Doctor Who Short Trips compilations but this is his first venture into writing an audio book.

Savile wasn't able to say much about the content of Hidden only that it's set alongside season two, but he can verify that one of the Torchwood cast members will be reading his work. He told UK SF Book, "My other work has all been written to please the eye and the silent reader within the head, the ear is a different audience, the meter of the words is more important, repetition of syllables etc. I've been concentrating on making it very visual, keeping individual sections quite short, for convenient listening breaks for folks on their daily commute, that kind of thing."
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