Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wooded up in San Diego

We finally have an update from the folks at the San Diego Comic Con on who we can actually expect to see at their Torchwood panel on Thursday the 26th. They had been erroneously printing that JB would be there and have now updated their listing. Let's hope for the sake of anybody making the trip to the event that it is accurate this time around. When I spoke with a representative from BBCAmerica today he said the panel members were still uncomfirmed.

The one hour panel will start at 2:15 on July 26th and according to the ComicCon listing will include: Writers Chris Chibnall and Noel Clarke and prosthetics supervisor Matt O' Toole. This is the only US Torchwood press launch event open to the public that has been announced.

¿Habla Torchwood? Mexico is just a handful of miles from San Diego and Torchwood is also launching south of the border. It will air twice a week, mondays and wednesdays at 10:30pm in Mexico City on XEIMT-TV, Canal 22.
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