Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harkness in Hollywood

Well the BBCAmerica launch team is now flying back to Britain after only a few days in Beverly Hills. Most of their time was spent at the TCA Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton. We have only seen a handfull of articles from the US press on the event so far but more should be on there way.

The TV Gal at the Seattle P-I, reported that she got to chat with JB for a half hour at a jumping party put on Friday night at the house of BBC-US President Garth Ancier. She has now updated her blog and put up a transcript of the conversation.

M2TV reported on the panel. Saying the most memorable moment came when a journalist offered Barrowman an opportunity to "dig himself out of a hole" after JB mentioned the higher quality of British television compared with the US, JB responded, "Oh, no! I quite like being in holes." AfterElton led with that quote in their article, they also got a great personal interview with the Captain.

The Chicago Tribune's Entertainment Blog were also able to talk with Barrowman. Referring to James Marster's appearance, “There’s a scene between he and Jack when they first meet, all I’ll say is, this scene is so hot, so horny, so violent, that all the fans who watch it are going to .... .” They couldn't print the end of his quote. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal also had a nice writeup but again couldn't seem to get JB's words past the editor.

While Torchwood.TV isn't a member of TCA and consequently wasn't allowed into the panel, I did head down to the Beverly Hilton today, which isn't too far from my home, just to see what the scene was like. I didn't get too excited about seeing Ashley Olson and David Duchovny strolling through the lobby but when Jack Harkness creator Steven Moffat walked by I had to say hello. He was there as part of the Jekyll panel and waiting for his ride back to the airport. Moffat had dug his own hole of sorts with NBC during his panel and created some fireworks as reported here. I did manage to ask him one question before he was off, if he would have any time for Torchwood scripts in his future schedule. Unfortunately Moffat said probably not, Doctor Who and other projects had him too busy.

Premium Hollywood has put up much of the transcripts of the Jekyll and Torchwood panels here.
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