Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No golden ticket for Torchwood.TV

Despite my pleas it doesn't look like we will be granted admission to the Torchwood panel at the Beverly Hills Hilton next week. The US launch event is being put on by the Television Critics Association exclusively for it's membership of full-time TV critics. Thanks to Lianne of OG for spotting that the panel will include John Barrowman, Julie Gardner and BBCAmerica president Garth Ancier. Steven Moffat will also be there as part of a Jekyll panel.

The site Premium Hollywood has said they will be blogging about the TCA press tour on a daily basis, or you can follow the links of members on the TCA homepage to see who covers the panel. As for me, I suppose i will just have to stake out the hotel.

In other news, John Barrowman will be back in time from his US excursion to be a presenter on The Friday Night Project on Channel 4 on the 27th.
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