Saturday, July 28, 2007

No mucking about for Martha

Sorry to dissapoint Martha fans everywhere this weekend, but the Daily Star has reported on an RTD quote and it has been picked up at SyFy Portal here, that Freema Agyeman's character will be as pure as newfallen snow on Torchwood. The writer's were hoping she would be able to get away with a bit more, but Russell even cut out swear words Martha had been given so that she could safely return to family-friendly WHO.

And on the subject of editing for content, those in the US will be happy to know that at the Torchwood Comic Con panel earlier this week, the BBCA confirmed that the episodes would be trimmed by a few minutes to fit into an hour slot but not censored and all 'the good stuff' would remain intact. M2TV has written a post from the event.
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