Monday, July 30, 2007

Second Year Storyville

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now in all good newsagents, priced £3.99. Not only does it confirm the casting of both James Marsters and Alan Dale in Torchwood season two, but there's a lengthy interview with future Woodie, Freema Agyeman. The actress talks about what it means to be the Doctor's companion in the 21st century, and what her departure from the TARDIS will mean to both the Doctor and a certain Captain Jack Harkness...


"She kind of hardens," Freema tells the magazine "so she will suit the Torchwood environment, I think. She'll have something to offer the Torchwood team. It's just going to be great. I am so proud of who Martha has become."

"I was absolutely blown away... I cannot wait to work with John Barrowman again, I cannot wait to meet the rest of the team, and it's going to be invaluable for Martha and for me as an actress, cos Martha gets to grow in another direction. It's a much more adult programme... the fact is that Martha has, at this stage, outgrown the Doctor"

Martha Jones' creator, Russell T Davies, tells the magazine his plans for the character: "You have to protect the fact that she's still a Doctor Who character. For example, there is no sex or swearing with her in Torchwood, cos there will be some kids watching. It's fine for Gwen to be doing it, or for Owen to be doing it, it's very rare for Tosh to be doing it... but literally we sit there with a script taking swearwords out of Martha's lines sometimes. Exactly the same with Captain Jack - he never sewars in Torchwood."

Russell continues, giving tantalising hints about Martha's Torchwood arc, "She comes in as a bit of an expert. I mean, she has travelled in outer space, she has met all sorts of things, and you realise how much she was listening and learning in all her travels with the Doctor. She comes in with a lot of knowledge, and that gives her a real strength in the team, and a bit of rivalry from the others. It doesn't last long, but there's a bit of an attitude. There's a nice fiesty relationship between her and Owen."

Meanwhile, Gallifrey Guardian (the magazine's news section) confirms that Martha will appear in a three episode arc, beginning with JC Wilsher's "Reset" - the sixth episode of the series. In the Production Notes column, Russell T Davies writes:

"...there's Freema, walking across... no hold on, not towards the TARDIS, but next door, into the Hub, where Martha Jones will battle the Pharm, and find herself involved in shocking events that will change the life of a Torchwood member forever." The rumours start here folks.

The magazine also finds time to review Stephen James Walker's "Inside the Hub" book; interview John Barrowman on the set of "Last of the Time Lords"; and a chance to vote for John Barrowman in the "best actor" category of the annual DWM Season Survey. What are you waiting for - go vote Captain Jack now!

Thanks to editor Clayton Hickman and his team for another jam packed read. DWM issue 385 is out now priced £3.99.

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grace said...

I'm surprised that you aren't reporting about the death of John Normington who appeared in 'Ghost Machine' as Tom Flanagan (the man who Gwen saw as a little evacuee boy via the ghost machine and that she and Owen later visited). More info here. :(