Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2008 Shapes Up

Thanks to Sci-Fi Wire we've got details about the forthcoming Torchwood season one boxset at last. The package consists of seven disks, made up of a number of featurettes - most of which have already been released on the individual Region 2 disks. They are as follows:

1: "Welcome to Torchwood"
2: "Torchwood on the Scene"
3: "Torchwood Out of This World"
4: "Torchwood Sex, Violence, Blood and Gore"
5: "Torchwood on the Road"
6: "The Team and Their Troubles"
7: "Torchwood: Moments in the Making"
8: "The Captain's Log"
9: "Torchwood on Time"
10: "Torchwood Declassified."

The DVD will also feature deleted scenes, audio commentary on all 13 first-season episodes and outtakes. So far only a Region 1 release has been announced. The series is released across America and Canada on January 8th 2008. It retails at $79.98. Hopefully news on a likewise Region 2 boxset will be announced any day now...

If that wasn't enough for your Woodie appetites, then three brand new Torchwood audio novels will be released next February - as originally noted on The three new titles are "In The Shadows", "Hidden" and "Everyone Says Hello". Alas, there's no plot details or other details, so you'll just have to stay tuned to for further details...

Bring on 2008!
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