Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call To Arms

Little over a month ago now Australia's Network 10 channel pushed Torchwood back in the schedules, into what some would call a 'graveyard' slot on Monday nights. This was despite some pretty decent ratings the show was getting for the channel. Now, however, Australian Woodies are hitting back - in an attempt to convince 10 to move the show back to a more mainstream time in the schedules.

Perth Now's news site reports on a recent fan campaign: "FANS of Channel 10's sci-fi series Torchwood are outraged at the treatment their favourite program is getting at the hands of the network. Letters from enraged Torchwood viewers have been flooding in to tvguide via email and snail mail all upset at the change of time of their favourite show." The full report, along with a selection of protest letters, can be found here.

But it's not enough merely reading about the protests. If you've ever watched Torchwood and found something to enjoy then it's time to take a stand - to show network bosses not just in Australia but around the world that us Woodies are a collective bunch who won't stand for their schoolyard bully tactics. The show warrants a fanbase who deserve to have 'their' show treated with due respect; not to be yo yo'd around the schedules willy-nilly.

If enough of us take a stand then Network 10 will listen. It might be too late to have Torchwood season one re-instated to a primetime slot, but it's my goal to have the network promise us that season two will be guarenteed a primetime fixture. So, if anybody can think of a decent way to lobby against the network that'll grab their attention big time, then leave your suggestion below in the comments section.

Network 10 didn't treat our show with the love and respect that it deserves - and for that, they've got a fight on their hands. Who's with me?

UPDATE: There's a great article about fan campaigns here.
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