Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Volcano Day

The BBC's official Doctor Who site has revealed that during the fourth series of the show David Tennant's Doctor (accompanied by Donna Noble) will travel back in time to August 79 A.D - to Pompeii, just before the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius. What has this exactly got to do with Torchwood, your asking yourself. Well, everything really!

Back in Doctor Who's first season, Captain Jack Harkness revealed to the Ninth Doctor and Rose that he'd been back in time - to Pompeii just before the eruption! He warned the Doctor that for best effects, one should set the alarm clock for "volcano day". So, during their stay will the Doctor and Donna bump into Time Agent Harkness, or will it be revealed at last that Jack's visit to the doomed city was merely another of his tall tales?

In other news AfterElton.com have released the second and third Torchwood vodcasts, covering "Day One" and "Ghost Machine". You can watch the videos, via dailymotion.com, by clicking here and here.
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