Monday, September 17, 2007

Face to Face

This isn't news, so much as an invitation for fellow Woodies to join the Facebook dot/TV group I've just created. As everybody on the planet knows, Facebook is a social networking site that brings together people from across the world. With Torchwood now broadcasting in half a dozen countries I figured now's the ideal time to establish such a fan group on the internet.

The dot/TV group is an ideal spot for Torchwood fans (we call them Woodies) to chat and share their opinions about all things 'Wood. There's a discussion board where you can leave news updates that myself and Kurly might have missed otherwise - and as an added incentive, if both me and Kurly agree and think that your writing style matches the tone of this very site, we might even invite you to write for itself...

At the moment the group is pretty basic, with myself as the only member - but I'll be updating over the coming weeks, so leave your suggestions!

You can visit the group (and join it) by clicking here. You'll need a Facebook account, so if you haven't got one already, what are you waiting for?

Happy online adventures!
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