Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holding Out For A Hero

Tonight, over here in the UK, the much hyped last episode of Heroes' first season airs on BBC Two - meaning that Wednesday nights from here on out (well, until Heroes' returns next spring) will be pretty dull. Right? Wrong! I'm hearing, from DigitalSpy and, that Torchwood will occupy the Wednesday night slot in Heroes absence, beginning...


Though the date hasn't been officially confirmed, it's believed by many to be the most likely launch date - but remember what happened last year? Series one was *supposed* to launch on BBC One and Three simutaneously, but then plans changed and the whole schedule changed. So, moral of the story, nothing is written in stone until the BBC officially release the relevant schedules.

Watch this space for updates - fingers crossed!

UPDATE! Before the season finale of Heroes, BBC Two ran a trailer advertising that Torchwood will indeed be occupying Heroes' Wednesday night slot, from "mid-January". The trailer was a little weird; a cleverly edited crossover between Heroes and Torchwood! Hopefully it'll appear online over the next couple of days.
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