Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Toys Are Coming!

Over on the Doctor Who Forum, one member - "scificollector" - has posted confirmation of Torchwood action figures, coming sometime in 2008. The forum member works for the company Scificollector - an official announcement / press release is due next week...

"Scificollector are delighted to announce that the BBC have granted us the licence to produce a series of collectable Torchwood action figures, which we will be launching as early as we can in 2008. I have been given permission to release these basic facts ahead of a formal announcement next week, and would like to personally thank all the members of the forum whose input on previous posts that I started, steered us to the conclusion that we could justify involvement with this exciting project. We have taken into account the very many views expressed, and believe that the details we release next week will satisfy the majority of the suggestions made, as best as could be done in the circumstances.I am not at liberty to say anymore for now..."

Will you be buying the toys when they're realised. If not, why not? Tell us what you think of the news by leaving a comment below!
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