Friday, January 11, 2008

Issue Number One

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine went on sale today, and it has some very interesting news on Titan's forthcoming Torchwood Magazine. The publication will be edited by a chap called Simon Hugo, who tells DWM "The first issue includes exclusive interviews with John Barrowman and James Marsters about Episode 1; Millennium FX and The Mill talk us through some of their work on the new series; and Freema Agyeman reveals her innermost thoughts about Filofaxes, falling over and her first kiss!"

"Meanwhile," Hugo continues, "Chris Chibnall writes the first in a series of exclusive new columns, and there'll also be a 10-page comic strip, starting with a story written by Transformers legend Simon Furman" There's also confirmation that the magazine will be released on January 24th, and - at 68 pages - costs £3.75.

The magazine's website expands on the news, confirming that SL Gallant will be drawing the comic strip. Future comic strips will be created by folks like Ian Edgington and Brian Williamson. It's thought that Titan will collect the comic strips together in graphic novel form at some point.

They'll also be previews of episodes three, four, five and six within issue one.

You can see a (rather small) picture of the issues cover above.

Back to DWM for a moment, and this latest issue also features a preview of Torchwood's second series, with comments from all the major cast and crew. Next issue the magazine talks to actress Freema Agyeman about her role in Doctor Who's spin-off series.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 391 is in shops now, priced £3.99. It's worth every penny, honest!*

*Especially for the rather grumpy Clive Swift interview!
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