Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jack Attack

It seems John Barrowman must have had a press conference! Lots of new quotes and interviews are popping up all over the place.

He and his sister Carole speak to The Times here regarding John's forthcoming autobiography - which Carole was nice enough to ghost write. Talk about a swell sister!

The Scotland on Sunday also have an interview (which can be found here) where Barrowman talks about wanting children with his partner Scott Gill. Other media outlets have picked up the story, but some are simply reporting the "gay men want kids when they shouldn't have them" side of things. Shame.

On the subject of homosexuality, John has talked to the Stage publication about gay actors who chose to stay 'in the closet'; their logic being that if they were to 'out' themselves it would some how damage their careers. John names himself as a prime example of that not being true. (He and Stephen Fry should have a talk some time - I get the feeling they'd get along great!)

Off the Telly, too (here)

All this and panto - John, you spoil us!
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