Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Tale of Two Halves

A number of publications are now on sale which promote the launch of Torchwood's second series. The new Radio Times (dated 12th-18th January) features an interview with John Barrowman, who comments "Last year we were walking; this year we're running... We've found our feet" He goes on to talk about James Marsters, and Freema Agyeman...

Over in Cult Times (issue 148) Russell T Davies is interviewed about the show, and reveals how Alan Dale came to be cast. "Wouldn't you know, he was with the same agent as James Marsters! James told his agent it was nice, they were fun, all that passes on, so next thing Alan Dale was being pitched at us."

Davies continues, "I think it's deceptive with John [Barrowman]. His most beautiful scene in ["Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"] is the scene in the office with Ianto where he asks him out. That's one of John's finest performances; it's beautifully understated so it's a mistake to think he's all size. He's an immensely accomplished actor; I think it's up to us to give him that range."

Russell goes onto talk about later episodes in series two's run, "The episode where Rhys finds out is episode four, there's a great story for Tosh in episode two. Four is also a great, really different alien story. I won't describe it; it's really practical, it's what I think would happen if aliens were on Earth, it's a very different side to all that."

"The Welsh wedding episode is phenomenal," Davies goes on to say, "And is a comedy. You're going to hate it; ming mongs [aka fans] hate comedy episodes. You'll be down in the basement typing away 'unfortunate levels of comedy". I have to say, Chris Chibnall's 11 and 12 are some of the finest drama I've ever had my name on. Episode 11 is like Play for Today, it's utterly, utterly brilliant. I wish I'd written it myself!"

"I would die to have written that well," Russell reveals, "I can't wait for you to see that [episode 11]. It's phenomenal. It's got Bob Pugh and it's got Ruth Jones from 'Gavin and Stacey' acting their hearts out. It's very Cardiff too, it's a very strong Welsh cast. It's like a little chamber piece."

The magazine indicates that episode three is called "To the Last Man"

There's also coverage in the latest issue of Starburst (and a Barrowman/Marsters front cover too!) as well as most other leading TV listing guides. Next week the show will feature in the latest SFX Magazine's lead article, so watch this space!

Returning to the Radio Times for a moment, the magazine confirms when the cut down, family edition of Torchwood will air. Because of snooker coverage, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" won't be repeated on BBC Two pre-watershed until Wednesday 23rd @ 7pm. Episode two, "Sleeper", will occupy the 7pm slot on Thursday 24th. From there on out, the repeats continue every Thursday at 7pm, followed by Torchwood Declassified.

Finally, DigitalSpy has a short extract from a forthcoming interview with Eve Myles, where the star talks about Gwen's long term commitment to boyfriend Rhys. "In the second series she's completely monogamous ... there's a wedding. She fights everyday to be with [Rhys]. Obviously Jack is a huge temptation - for men and for women, for dogs and for cats. For everybody! They have that unrequited love I suppose - that's what makes it interesting."

The Radio Times can be found in most newsagents, costing £1.

Cult Times issue 148 will set you back £3.99.

Most other listings magazines range from 45p to around a pound.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!
Also, it looks like the complete season 1 boxset is finally making it to region 4 shores!

Star said...

"Davies goes on to say, "And is a comedy. You're going to hate it; ming mongs [aka fans] hate comedy episodes."

Sigh. Way to go to harsh fannish squee, Davies. Every time that man opens his mouth and condescends on the fans, I wonder if he realises that it's *because* of the fans he has a job at all - fandom loyalty to a show is so important.

And the fact is that while he may think the comedy episodes are funny, they're generally really very unfunny and not terribly witty. He keeps using the word comedy, but I do not think it means what he thinks it means. He needs to ask Joss Wheadon how to write successful comedy within a genre show and how not to alienate fans by using condescending and twee terminology to describe them.

Honestly, I love DW and TW, but RTD is his - and the shows - own worst enemy every time he opens his self-indulget mouth.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Star. I'm fed up with RTD acting like fans are the scum of the earth, we are the number one reason that shows become as sucessfull. I wish he'd walk away from Dr Who and Torchwood and leave it to people who know how to write scripts. Yes, I'm thankfull he managed to get Who back, but lets face it, anyone with a bit of fame and a love of who could have probably done the same with the same effort. Now he should walk away before he ruins things for us fans.
Oh and don't get me started on how much the term "ming mongs" is insulting.