Sunday, January 27, 2008

Morning After

As many an American Woodie will know, Torchwood's second season debuted on BBC America last night, as part of the cable channel's "Supernatural Saturday" strand. So far the online reaction has been pretty promising (although, it has to be said, a lot more Americans found themselves objecting to the 'gay' content than their British counterparts).

We'll have news on ratings and maybe some reviews too when they come in.

But for know, if you're an American fan new to this site - welcome, and thanks for reading! We're here to report all the latest Hub happenings, but we're not alone. The official site is available here, and the BBC America homesite is linked here. There's also Torchwood_Three, a fantastic (daily) newsletter with links to the newest news and the most fanny fan fiction.

Happy reading, and we'll see you same time next week.
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