Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preview: Episode Ten

What's it called?

"From Out of the Rain"

Who's it credited to?

Peter J Hammond, writer ("Small Worlds", TV's "Sapphire & Steel") and Jonathan Fox Bassett, director (TV's "Teachers" and "The Inspector Lynley Mysteries")

What do we know?

An old cinema re-opens its doors; but things aren't as they seem. The film reels house many a memory; but what happens when these memories suddenly return to life...?

Major guest stars?

Potential Davros to be, Julian Bleach, is apparently fantastic in the role of "Ghostmaker".

Rest of the best

Camilla Power ("Pearl"); Stephen Marzella ("Jonathan"); Hazel Wyn Williams ("Faith Penn"); Lowrl Sian Jones ("Nettie"); Eileen Essell ("Christina"); Anwen Carlisle ("Restaurant owner"); Yasmin Wilde ("Senior nurse"); and Caroline Sheen ("A&E nurse").

Reviewing the reviews

Terribly good!! A lot of people are saying that this is Torchwood at its most chilling and scary. The Radio Times even goes as far as to call the episode "creepily elegant". It's by P J Hammond, so why shouldn't it be??

When's it on?

Tonight, BBC Two from 10pm. It'll be repeated tomorrow on BBC Two (from 7pm).

What about America?

"From Out of the Rain" is scheduled to air on BBC America Saturday 29th March, at 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. You can also catch the episode in glorious High Definition - on HD-Net - April 14th.

Look to the future...

Gwen and PC Andy investigate a series of mysterious disappearences in "Adrift"; and then, in "Fragments", we take a trip down memory lane and learn how each member of the team came to be hired by Torchwood.

Excitement level?

****1/2 - As somebody who felt last season's "Small Worlds" was amongst the series very best episodes, I've high hopes for Hammond's follow-up script. And first time Torchwood director Jonathan Fox Bassett should bring a lot of new energy and dynamics to the series. High hopes!

BBC Three Preview

BBC Three previews the next episode - "Adrift" - straight after this one. You can read a preview of that episode by clicking here.

Schedule Warning!

The next BBC Two episode airs this Friday 21st March, from 9pm.
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