Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Memoirs of a Dead Man

Burn Gorman, aka Owen Harper, is interviewed in the latest issue of Torchwood: The Official Magazine, and discusses the challenges of playing a character who's now very much a walking, talking dead man!

Here's what the magazine's website has to say:

Issue three of the official magazine companion to the award-winning BBC sci-fi drama Torchwood is here! Following the adrenalin-fuelled exploits of Captain Jack Harkness and his team every four weeks, Torchwood magazine brings you in-depth cast interviews, FX secrets, and comprehensive reports direct from the Cardiff set. Interviews with Burn Gorman (Owen Harper) and Richard Briers (Parker) head up the new issue, and as the second spectacular series of Torchwood heads towards its climax, lead writer Chris Chibnall whets the appetite for the next few weeks.


Owen Harper's shock death and subsequent resurrection were two of the best kept secrets in Torchwood series two, and the last few weeks have seen Torchwood focus in the late doctor like never before. At the centre of the drama is actor Burn Gorman, an actor who had imbued Owen with seemingly limitless energy from the off. He tells Torchwood magazine how it feels portraying a dead man. Plus, we take you beneath the surface of A Day In The Death’s underwater sequence with director Andy Goddard, cameraman James Leigh, and Andrew Schaale from Extreme Facilities.


Taking a close look at the complex procedures behind the making of Torchwood, Torchwood Magazine gets under the skin of Martha’s transformation into her older self in Dead Man Walking. Rob Mayor from Millennium FX talks us through each stage of Freema Agyeman’s painstaking session in the make-up chair, and Freema shares her thoughts on the experience: “I'd been jealous when David Tennant got to have his face done for Doctor Who, so I thought "Finally, I get to go and play with prosthetics, too!' But I won't be standing at the front of the queue again. It's not as much fun as it looks!"


It’s getting darker for Parker in A Day In The Death - we catch up with Richard Briers on set to talk about the role in the new issue of Torchwood magazine. With a fifty-year career behind him, taking in long-running sitcoms, big-screen Shakespeare, and numerous voiceovers for children's TV, you might say Briers has earned the right to arrive on set and get into bed in his silk pyjamas: "I love wearing them, and I love being in the bed. I don't have to remember any moves or where to stand. I just have to lie there and say my lines!"


Torchwood magazine is the only place to find brand new official Torchwood comic strips, written by host of comics talent, including Simon Furman (Transformers). Tosh tears up the Tarmac in the new issue’s adventure Jetsam, written and drawn by Brian Williamson (Doctor Who).

As Gwen says ‘Hello!’ to married life, we join cast and crew behind the scenes of Something Borrowed.

From Out Of The Rain director Jonathan Fox Bassett on bringing PJ Hammond’s weird world to life.

If you’ve played the Torchwood online game, you’ll know Abigail Crowe. But are her thoughts as dark as her talk?

All the latest from the world of Torchwood, including news of an atomic new adventure for Radio 4!

The show’s lead writer Chris Chibnall tells us the eight stages to writing a Torchwood script!

Torchwood Magazine, issue 3, is out tomorrow priced £3.99.
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