Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bring in Martha Jones

Next week's edition of the Radio Times listing magazine confirms that, following the broadcast of episode five "Adam" on BBC Two, that the next episode will follow straight after on BBC Three. Those with digital telelvision will be able to see the arrival of Martha Jones inside the Torchwood Hub a whole seven days earlier than expected.

The schedule for that particular evening (Wednesday 13th February) runs:

9:00-9:50pm: "Adam" (BBC Two)
9:50-10:45pm: "Reset" (BBC Three)

Following BBC Three's showing of "Reset" there's another chance to see the channel's "Phoo Action" - a pilot episode for a supposed fantasy series, set in the year 2012. Because of this, they'll be no BBC Three repeat of the "Adam" episode.

The Radio Times reviewer, Mark Braxton, is very positive about "Adam". In his review he writes: "Those expecting special effects a gogo, or the usual up-tempo japes, may feel short-changed; others who like their drama won't. It's taken a while but now, at last, we really care. Hurrah!" I think that means he likes it, then...

The cast list for "Adam" reads: Bryan Dick (playing Adam); Demetri Goritsas (Jack;s Father); Lauren Ward (Jack's Mother); Jack Montgomery (Young Jack); Ethan Brooke (Grey); Rhys Myers (Young Adam); Paul Kasey (a Weevil).

Meanwhile there's confirmation that John Barrowman will be appearing on Al Murray's Happy Hour show next week. It airs on ITV 1 from 10pm on Friday 15th February.

There's also a mini profile of Naoko Mori, and how she got her first television role - on "Absolutely Fabulous", opposite Julia Sawalha of "Press Gang" fame.

The magazine also has a half page advertisement for the audio book of John Barrowman's autobiography, "Anything Goes", which is read by the star himself. It's released by BBC Audio.

Radio Times dated 9th-15th February 2008 is out now, priced £1.
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