Wednesday, February 06, 2008


There is a small clip from the opening of tonight's episode 'Meat' here... I am assured by a friend that after watching, you will never buy sausages in Merthyr Tydfil ever again...

DigitalSpy previews the episode here.

"Meat" airs tonight, on BBC Two, at 9pm.

Meanwhile details for tomorrow's Torchwood Declassified have been revealled. The episode is called "Meat Feast" and goes behind the scenes "as the show witnesses how Gwen Cooper's unassuming fiancé Rhys is drawn into the dangerous world of Torchwood. Speaking to Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) and Kai Owen (Rhys Williams) Torchwood Declassified reflects on how their relationship has grown since the one-time Cardiff cop joined the secret underground team. With Rhys in increasing danger Gwen is under pressure like never before and Torchwood Declassified's cameras go exclusively backstage for the filming of the thrilling finale of an episode that is truly a meat feast." There's also an interview with writer Catherine Tregenna.

Torchwood Declassified airs tomorrow, BBC Two, at 7:50pm.
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