Friday, November 14, 2008

When Peter Met Jack

John Barrowman was the guest on Real Radio Wales Real Breakfast Show, with Tony Wright & Angela J this morning.

Promoting his new album Music Music Music and single What About Us, as well as plugging his duties as co host for the BBC Wales segments of tonight's Children In Need telethon.

John also took time out to meet one lucky fan, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy and give him some very encouraging words. He also played a prank on the Real Breakfast Show presenter Tony, by hiding his car in a different car park!!

Oh ... and because I work at the radio station, he met me too!

Id love to say I kept cool, but I became gibbering fanboy. John was very sweet, we had a brief chat and a photo taken, and then he was off to save the world!

Apparently, John has just four more days of filming left for Torchwood series 3.

Catch him tonight, with Gethin Jones, on BBC1 Wales from 7.00pm
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