Friday, November 28, 2008

Torchwood visits Holby!

Information has come to light regarding the latest, twelfth issue of Torchwood Magazine - which is due to hit stores December 4th. The magazine contains - amongst other things - interviews with "Children of Earth" director Euros Lyn, and "Cyberwoman" actress Caroline Chikezie.

The full blurb reads:

News! The Children Of Earth team has ventured outside Wales for the second time, producer Peter Bennett has told Torchwood magazine, heading to Bristol to use the set of another popular BBC show: ‘After getting some spectacular footage in London, we also spent a day on the Casualty set. We couldn’t be there for any longer than that, because Sunday is the only day its free!’

Save Captain Jack! Torchwood magazine brings you festive Torchwood fun in the new issue, with a pull-put-and-keep board game that’s perfect for post-turkey merriment. Captain Jack is trapped in the hub – can you beat your friends and avoid the pterodactyl to save him? Plus, test your knowledge of all things Torchwood in our fiendish seasonal quiz. Take a look below for more on the new issue’s other features and interviews.

Action Man: Euros Lyn! As principal photography wraps on Children Of Earth and post production gets under way, we talk to the man who’s been calling the shots on set every step of the way. After cutting his teeth on some memorable episodes of Doctor Who, series director Euros Lyn reveals all about getting to grips with Torchwood: ‘It’s such an amalgam of genres, with lots of kitchen-sink realism mixed with some really epic, saving the world heroics. It’s also got a lot of humour and some wonderful, touching moments of personal relationships. It’s the strangest show I’ve ever worked on, to be honest, in that it combines so many different qualities.’

Precious Metal: Caroline Chikezie! There have been few guest characters in Torchwood as memorable and iconic as Ianto’s part cyber-converted girlfriend Lisa – aka Cyberwoman. Actress Caroline Chikezie stepped into the killer heels of this plug-in baby, and in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine she tells us all about it: ‘I love the scenes where she lifts people up and throws them around, and I felt like a King King-style character doing that. I also loved all that menacing Cyberwoman dialogue, and that self-assured look as she kicked everybody’s ass. She was so badass, it was amazing!’

Episode Guide: 1.4 Cyberwoman! In the depths of the Hub, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret. Wired up to a bizarre life-support system, his girlfriend Lisa Hallett exists in a part machine state: the result of an incomplete conversion into a Cyberman. Though Ianto hopes Lisa can hang on to her humanity long enough for him to find a cure, her nascent Cyber programming is beginning to take hold, putting the whole team in mortal danger… Revisit series one’s Cyberwoman in this issue’s comprehensive Episode Guide, with trivia, commentary, credits, the best lines and the best scenes!

Pete’s World! Children Of Earth producer Peter Bennett’s exclusive new column – written on location at a chilly night shoot.

The Hub! All the latest Torchwood news, including Torchwood repeats on a new digital channel (see below - Jack), and the bookies’ odds on the new Doctor Who – fancy a flutter on John Barrowman at 66-1?

2008 Review - A look back at the Torchwood year, and twelve months of Torchwood magazine.

There's also part nine of "The Rift War" comic strip, titled "The Calm Before", and original fiction in the form of David Llewellyn's "The Book of Jahi - Part Two".

Subscribers of the publication have posted angry reports of bad service on Titan's behalf, with some issues of the magazine not arriving through letterboxes until a good fortnight after the release date. Titan has written to most subscribers now to apologise, and in some cases they're extended subscriptions by an additional - free! - issue to make up for the delays.

Torchwood: The Official Magazine issue 12 is out next Thursday, priced £3.99.


In other news a request has come through via my inbox to remind Woodies that digital platform Watch (UKTV Gold's new sister station) are currently running Torchwood repeats.

Over to Wez Merchant, one of UKTV's Online PR agents:

Ok, its Series 1 and each new epsiode starts at 9pm on Saturdays on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124)

Next Saturdays epsiode is 5 and here is the blurb about each following episode.

From the creative mind of Russell T Davies – the man who brought Doctor Who into the 21st century with stunning success – comes a spectacular, neon-lit, 13-part adult sci-fi adventure series. Torchwood stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, the bisexual, time-travelling former con artist charged with leading a motley crew of skilled members of a covert agency, which investigates extraterrestrial incidents on Earth and scavanges alien technology for its own use.

Episode Guide

From an underground base built on a rift in time and space, the team responds to any alien threat – a meterorite crash landing, sightings of extra-terrestial technology, an unusual autopsy report, the spread of a deadly alien virus...

5. Small Worlds - Supernatural forces stalk the suburbs of Cardiff: but are they friendly or malevolent? And what do they want with the seemingly normal Pierce family? As nightmares of his past haunt Jack, can Jack’s old friend Estelle Cole (Eve Pearce) help him prevent the tragedy brewing in a suburban household?

6. Countrycide - Concerned that the space-time rift is spreading, Torchwood investigates a series of gruesome deaths in the village of Brynblaidd in the picturesque Brecon Beacons. What sort of creature could cause such shocking injuries? Stranded without communications or equipment, and isolated from one another, the team confronts a terrifying enemy. Guest star: OwenTeale (Ballykissangel, Belonging, Murphy’s Law) as Ewan Sherman.

7. Greeks Bearing Gifts - Toshiko is given an alien pendant which enables her to hear other people’s thoughts. As the rest of the Torchwood team puzzle over a centuries-old skeleton, the pendant forces Toshiko to question her commitment to Torchwood: is her new-found ability a blessing or a curse? Guest starring Daniela Denby-Ashe (EastEnders, My Family) as Mary.

8. They Keep Killing Suzie - Torchwood is linked to a series of brutal murders around the city. As Jack and the team investigate further, it becomes clear somebody wants their attention. What is Pilgrim? And how is it connected to a figure from Torchwood’s past? The resurrection days are far from over.

9. Random Shoes - When Eugene (Paul Chequer – Sinchronicity) wakes to find himself (a) dead and (b) invisible to the rest of the world, he knows something has gone rather wrong. Eugene knows there is one person he can rely on to discover the truth behind his death: Gwen Cooper.

10. Out of Time - When a plane from 1953 makes an unexpected landing in present-day Cardiff, its three passengers are shocked to learn that they can never go back to their own time. Torchwood helps them to settle in contemporary society, but this simple task has painful emotional consequences. Guest stars: Louise Delamare (No Angels), Olivia Hallinan (Sugar Rush, Girls In Love), Mark Lewis-Jones (The Knock, Murder Prevention)

11. Combat - Savage aliens are being kidnapped from the streets of Cardiff and Torchwood wants to know why. Owen is sent undercover to find out who is behind it and soon befriends the charismatic Mark Lynch (Alex Hassell). Beneath the veneer of normal city life, Owen discovers a shocking subculture. Can he avoid being sucked in?

12. Captain Jack Harkness - While investigating reports of ghostly music, Jack and Toshiko find themselves stranded in a packed dance hall – in 1941. As Gwen, Owen and Ianto work to rescue their colleagues, Jack and Toshiko meet a handsome young American squadron leader by the name of… Captain Jack Harkness.

13. End of Days - The rift has been opened, and time is splintering all over the world. As events spiral out of control, the Torchwood team members are faced with fragments of their pasts – and terrifying visions of their futures. Can Captain Jack save the world?

Watch have set up a Torchwood mini-site here.
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