Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fruit and Nuts

Here's an interesting one for you: on a recent BBC radio chatshow John Barrowman was quizzed over rumours that he frequently exposes his genitals on the Torchwood Upper Boat set, and during interviews also. Now any ordinary person, at this point, would probably laugh the rumours off, or at most confirm them but refuse to go into any further details.

"We misunderstood, what's good for us." - a lyric from John Barrowman's latest single "What About Us?". Quite ironic really...

Not John Barrowman!

The star decides to expose himself to the two presenters (the somewhat taken aback Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac) during last Sunday's BBC Radio 1 "Switch" programme.

Oh boy.

The BBC - still recovering from the who-ha over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross' comments regarding Andres Sachs' granddaughter - have been quick to apologise to offended listens... and viewers, who happened to catch the show via webcam on the BBC Radio 1 website.

Barrowman has also apologised for the cock up (boom boom!)

BBC News are running this story about the incident.

Barrowman was there to plug his latest album ("Music Music Music") and also his Gary Barlow penned single, "What About Us?". You could say he was there to promote his goods ;)

It's quite catchy, huh? "What About Us?" I mean...not whipping your penis out on national radio!
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